International Composers+ summer academy 2017!

AUGUST 18—26 2017 Raudondvaris Castle



I am delighted to welcome you to the Composers+Summer Academy – the international event which began in 2014 as a small composers camp in the village of Palendriai (Lithuania) at St. Benedict’s Monastery. Now in its fourth year, this young and unique course has not only changed location to the exciting and attractive venue of Raudondvaris Castle near Kaunas but it has also renamed itself as the Composers+ Summer Academy. This new name reflects the breadth of the course’s work, which provides increasing ways of creating and exploring modern music for the accordion in the Baltic region and beyond.

The main focus of the Composers+Summer Academy remains to produce new works for accordion, both as a solo instrument and with chamber ensemble. This year I am proud and happy to welcome Prof. Iñaki Alberdi as one of the Academy Tutors. Alberdi is one of the most prominent and active modern accordion music performers and initiators worldwide. He has inspired and premiered hundreds of new compositions for accordion, and he brings invaluable expertise to this year’s Academy. In addition to one-to-one tuition sessions with composers, Alberdi will also be leading masterclasses for accordionists.

Dr. Rūta Vitkauskaitė has witnessed the Academy evolve since its founding year in 2014. She has written a number of substantial works for accordion, and provides important knowledge and experience of writing for this instrument. This year, Vitkauskaitė will lead improvisational and group composing workshops and provide one-to-one tuition sessions for the Academy’s composers.

Young British composer Ben Lunn will offer workshops and a lecture for participants. Lunn is a keen advocate and promoter of accordion music, and has written pieces for accordion ranging from solo to orchestral works. He is the recipient of a number of international prizes and his works are often performed in Lithuania, where Lunn is currently resident.

This year’s Composers+Summer Academy will include an open day for the public to see and experience how the composing, collaborating and music making is done before it reaches the performance stage. The Composers+Summer Academy will also contain a concert series with various music genres and performers, including a final concert of world premieres of the pieces developed during the Academy, hot off the press! We hope these works can have a long life and be a valuable addition to the repertoire. The concert programme will be announced soon at

The Composers+Summer Academy aims to create and showcase modern music for the broadest possible audience, presenting new music for accordion in accessible and interesting ways. Valuable technical skills and artistic insights are provided by tutors of international reputation and expertise. We hope the Academy participants will be inspired to continue this work of developing new repertoire for accordion.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Martynas Levickis
Artistic Director of C+ & The Creative Team.